26 April 2018




Attracting Clients With Incremental Marketing

Do you ask prospective clients to go too far?

Must your new clients take a “leap of faith” when they engage you?

Or, do you gradually draw them closer using a series of pre-planned contacts designed to address their concerns and build their trust in you.

Too many service providers, including Accountants, wait for potential clients to take that leap of faith. And in doing so, they force their would-be clients into making an all-or-nothing choice.

Prospects either say, “Yes, we want you” or they never contact you.

This is a high-risk strategy for both your prospect and yourself. It is risky for your prospect because they could feel as though they have to make a decision before they feel comfortable about working with you. They haven’t got to know you yet. Do they have all the information they need? How do they know if they do?

It’s a risky position for you because...




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