Web-Accountant™ - Your Portal

The Web-Accountant™ Portal is a delivery platform for members using online tools. This portal allows you to present your team and your clients with a custom branded site for using these tools.

Your portal can be customised at any time by you with your own practice logo and colours. Select a Portal name, much like the H Nicholsons demo portal at http://my.web-accountant.com/HNicholsons. Then choose your logo and adjust the colours as you like and it is running live instantly!

Have a look over the online documentation too and see just how easy this system is to setup.

Online Tools

All online tools developed are available to Gold and Platinum Members, or these can be purchased individually if preferred.

Three of these are now used live by members and their clients, the Online Timesheet & Expense System, the Online Bookkeeping System, and the Online Practice Management System.

Once the Web-Accountant™ Portal has been created, a list of the online tools available is shown. The tools can then be administered here allowing you to enable tools for clients, add users, control permissions and limits. When a client is setup your portal system will automatically send them an email with access details and a link.


Web-Accountant Customisation Example



Web-Accountant Customisation Example

Web-Accountant Customisation Example

Web-Accountant Customisation Example



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