The Accountants Circle Payroll, powered by MyPAYE, is a powerful, low cost, secure and simple to use payroll system.

It is a very simple to use Payroll calculator and Payslip generator with all the power of an expensive software suite.

All the software is held on the MyPAYE web servers so that you do not need to install anything on your computer. Data is securely stored in an encrypted database to prevent unauthorised access, and all data transfers are protected using industry strength levels of protection. The software is also kept up to date with all the mandatory government changes.

2 Month Free Trial

The best way for you to assess the usability and power of The Accountants Circle Payroll is to register for a free trial and try it for yourself!

Note that you'll need to be registered as a member first to access the free trial with The Accountants Circle Payroll.

Your Own Branded Online Payroll

Once you've seen this is a payroll solution for you and your clients and want to continue using the software, like our other tools, we can have this branded for you.

There's a selection of existing templates which can include your logo. If you would like to have a fully branded and styled setup, let us know and we can quote tyou for this additional service. Either way, you can present yourself with a strong corporate presence.

Benefits of using The Accountants Circle Payroll include:

  • No software required, just register and begin
  • No updates or backups needed, we do it all for you
  • Secure data encryption and SSL transfer
  • Access your payroll any time from any browser
  • No contract and monthly billing
  • Free online support
  • Email or print payslips
  • Includes HR with Training, Job History and Disciplinary records
  • Includes P9D and P11D Expenses and Benefits with free online filing
  • Easily managed payroll service and more profitable for you!

Benefits over Desktop Payroll Software

There are specific benefits of using The Accountants Circle Payroll online over the traditional desktop software. Some of these are:

  • Automatic backups and software updates
  • Client payroll done inhouse can be easily reviewed
  • Instant delivery of payslips via email (optional)
  • Clients can enter data once directly into the system, saving your time
  • Electronic submission of returns, including overnight and unattended

Software Integration

Our payroll solution also integrates with leading online accounts packages including:

With no up-front costs, minimum charges or licensing fees as member of The Accountants Circle you can get low agent priced payroll software, for use by you and your clients.

Rates for business are just £1 per employee per month or less. All members in practice also get monthly invoicing and even lower bureau rates too!

Just register or log in to view these rates.

The Accountants Circle Payroll has been developed for UK Employers and is powered by MyPAYE. Features include:

  • Calculation of Gross Pay from both one-off and regular pay items
  • Calculation of PAYE in accordance with UK Tax legislation
  • Calculation of Employee's NIC in accordance with UK Tax legislation
  • Calculation of Employer's NIC in accordance with UK Tax legislation
  • Calculation of Advance (Holiday) Pay in accordance with UK Tax legislation
  • Calculation of Pension Contributions in accordance with UK Tax legislation
  • Calculation of Student Loan Repayments in accordance with UK Tax legislation
  • Calculation of Earnings Attachments in accordance with UK legislation
  • Calculation of Statutory Sick Pay in accordance with UK Tax legislation including generation of forms SSP1 and SSP1(L)
  • Calculation of Statutory Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Pay in accordance with UK Tax legislation
  • Printing of payslips with support for security payslip formats and optional email delivery of payslips
  • Printing of pay summaries for each payroll run
  • Printing of Accounts (Nominal Ledger) Reports for each payroll run
  • Calculation and printing of Statutory Return information for monthly/quarterly HMRC payments
  • Ability to reprint Payslips and other reports for current Tax Year and at least 1 previous Tax Year
  • Printing of P45 forms for leavers
  • Online submission of HMRC End-of-Year P38 returns - Qualifies you for up to £825 of rebates from HMRC *
  • Online submission of HMRC In-Year Movement details (P45 Leavers and P45/P46 Starters)
  • Optional overnight unattended submission of HMRC In-Year and End-of-Year returns
  • Automatic retrieval of Payroll Notices (Tax Coding Notices, Student Loan Notices, Notification Notices) from HMRC
  • Support for Weekly, Fortnightly, 4-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual payroll cycles
  • Invoices sent by email and viewable online
  • Provision of online help plus Technical Support via Email
  • Generation of HMRC Generic Payroll file for payroll audit
  • Generation of copies of HMRC End-of-Year and In-Year Submission files for payroll audit
  • Recording of Employee Expenses and Benefits for HMRC Form P11D
  • On-line submission of HMRC P9D, P11D and P11D(b) returns
  • Calculation of Class 1A NIC due on P11D Expenses and Benefits
  • Recording of Training records
  • Recording of Disciplinary records
  • Recording of Job History and Review records
  • Recording of additional Personal Information (Next of Kin, Contacts etc)

* See the HMRC website for full details and conditions


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