Online Practice Management System for Accountants


Online Practice Management System - Overview

Need an easy to use system for managing your team and tasks?

Something to allows controlled access for your whole team?

Some features included are:

Practice Management
Team Organisation
Task & Deadline Management
Automatic Reminders

Beta Testing Registration

Become a full business member today and become a beta tester using the live system.

User-Friendly: Built closely with accountants and bookkeepers in an intuitive and easy-to-use way. Designed specifically to meet the growing needs of practices.


Cost Effective: Our membership based structure gives you this system at a very low cost. Upgrades and support are also included in the low monthly membership contributions.

Instant Upgrades: Built on a solid platform that will expand and grow with your business. Seamless upgrades will take place regularly enhancing the features and functionality for you.


Stable: Built upon Microsoft's proven ASP.NET framework, and tested on multiple development servers before live upgrades are performed.

Secure: User logins and passwords are stored in a protected database in an encrypted form - unreadable to the human eye. File storage is also kept offline and accessible only by the system.


Automatic Backups: Regular backups are made to ensure any significant data loss is prevented.


Online Practice Management System - Features

The Online Practice Management System features include:

  • Custom branding and colours via Web-Accountant™ portal
  • Multi-user and live data access
  • Team and task management
  • Multi-level tasks
  • Recurring tasks
  • Automated reminders
  • Client and contact database
  • Email Campaigns
  • User permission controls
  • Secure with SSL encryption
  • Automatic updates and backup
  • Online Development Desk

Custom branding and colours via Web-Accountant™ portal

The separate online portal provides you with a branded delivery platform using your own identity with logo and corporate colours. Full management of your own custom portal is done easily online.

Multi-user and live data access

Users can all access the system at the same time from any internet connection. Administrators can then view all entry data live.

Team and task management

Your team and their tasks can be managed easily throughout the system. Click on a team member and see what tasks they have, when they're due, for which clients and the stage of completion. Click on a client and see what has to be done for them, when, your team member responsible and how much has been completed. Click on tasks and see a list of all tasks, for which clients, the team member it's assigned to, when it's due and more.

Tasks can be fully outlined and detailed, with additional notes added as required. Both current status and % completion fields help you instantly see where jobs are at.

Multi-level tasks

For complex task these can be broken down and assigned to different team members. A parent task is created and any number of child tasks can be added, and even additional tasks within child tasks.

Recurring tasks

Any task that needs to be repeated can be automatically created as needed. If you need it monthly, quarterly or annually this is done in just a couple of clicks.

Automated reminders

Reminders for any task can be easily set for both you and the team member responsible. As many reminders as you like can be set and for alerts at any time you like prior to the deadline.

Client and contact database

Keep all details and notes on your clients and contacts for you and your team to easily access when needed.

User permission controls

Your team members can be given different levels of access which include:

  • Has System Access (Access to the online system else only listed)
  • Manage Team Members (add/edit team members)
  • Manage Own Tasks (add or edit assigned tasks)
  • View All Tasks (else only see associated tasks)
  • Manage All Tasks (add or edit those that can be accessed)
  • Manage Online Tools (Online Bookkeeping System, Online Timesheet & Expense System etc)
  • View All Clients (else only see those associated with accessible tasks etc)
  • Manage Clients (add or edit those that can be seen)
  • View All Contacts (else only see those associated with accessible clients, tasks etc)
  • Manage Contacts (add or edit those that can be seen)
  • Manage Email Campaigns (sending out newsletters, bulk emails etc)

Note: The user permissions is a new feature currently being introduced.

Email Campaigns

A feature to send personalised emails to clients and contacts in bulk. Great for notifications or newsletters!

Secure with SSL encryption

Secure online encryption gives you confidence in the storage of your client data.

Automatic updates and backup

Daily automated offsite backups are made securely with no risk of data loss. Updates are made regularly to the system so you don't need to worry about software installation or updates for the latest features and functionality.

Development Desk

You're not just getting an online tool, but an ongoing service. You might have slightly different needs to what this does, or your needs might change in the future.

You also receive ongoing development to meet your needs now, and in the future. Our Development Desk is free and easy to use for all members.

So if there's something you would like, save yourself the trouble and let us know!


Free One Month Trial

To help you decide whether the Online Practice Management System is the solution for you and your clients we've introduced a free one month trial!

The trial has no feature restrictions and after the month we'll keep all your data for at least 3 months. It will all still be accessible, with the only change being unable to add new entries.

Visit the Free Trial page to start your free trial today!

Free Trial!

Online Practice Management System - Purchase

We've not yet made the system available for purchase by itself though it's included for our Platinum Members. At the moment we're looking for your feedback and offer free trial of the full system.


Platinum Membership

Platinum members have access to the Online Practice Management System as well as all our other tools and templates, including those that become available in the future!



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