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Email Campaign Setup

Email campaigns can be quickly setup to send direct from any email account you like, so long as it has SMTP enabled.

From the Online Practice Management System, click the Email Campaign Icon icon for the Email Campaign Management.

A list of any email campaigns you have saved will be shown along with the number of times the campaign has been sent, when it was last sent and how many emails were successful sent the last time the email campaign was run.

Create a new campaign by clicking the image button to open a new campaign.

Campaign Details

The fields in the Campaign Detail screen are as follows:

Name identifies your campaign
Description provides more details on the campaign or notes if required
Email Subject is the subject line that is sent when the email campaign is run
Send From is the email address shown when sending and should usually match that of the SMTP account
Send Copy To sends a copy of the email to any emails listed here with multiple emails separated with ‘,’ or ‘;’ without replacing the personalisation tokens. 
Send Report To sends an email report to any emails listed here, outlining the number of emails send and listing any that failed sending.

Email Body Content

The email body itself is added in the Content section.  There are personalisation tokens listed below the email box which will be replaced when the email campaign is sent.

Emails are sent out in html, so you can add CSS for styling and tables for layout if you like.

SMTP Settings

Email is sent out from any email address you have using the SMTP settings.  The settings required are:

SMTP Server is the server address used for sending out emails, with a port included if required
Username is the account name for the email address required by the SMTP server, often the same as the email address
Password is the password for the SMTP account and is encrypted by the system for safe storage
Authentication Type is the authentication setting required by the SMTP server, usually Basic
Use SSL needs to be checked if required by the SMTP server

Once you are ready to save the campaign click the  image  button.
Email Campaigns – Main Screen
Email Campaigns – Main Screen

New Campaign – Campaign Details
New Campaign – Campaign Details

New Campaign - Email Body Content
New Campaign – Email Body Content

New Campaign - SMTP Settings
New Campaign - SMTP Settings

Email Campaign Recipients and Sending

Existing email campaigns can be viewed for managing recipients or running a campaign by clicking the View Campaign button next to the campaign.

Clients and Contacts

Personalised emails can be easily sent to any or all clients and contacts with email addresses you have listed in the Online Practice Management System.

Just check which clients or contacts you would like to have included in the email campaign when it is run.  Hovering over a checkbox will display the actual email address too so you can check where it is to be sent.

As clients are not necessarily individuals, the personalisation of First and Last Names will show the client name instead.  If it is to be personalised for an individual it is best to select that person under contacts.

Click the Save Campaign  button to save any changes you have made.

OptIn Manager

The OptIn Manager lists recipients that may fall outside your clients and contacts, or that you wish to keep separate from these. These can be easily added, edited, disabled or deleted anytime you like.

Clicking the image  button let’s you quickly add new recipients directly to the list.

Email Campaign – OptIn Quick Add

Clicking the image button next to a recipients name will edit that recipient, so you can change details or temporarily disable the recipient from the campaign.


Running a Campaign (Sending Emails)

When you have all the settings entered, have saved the campaign and are ready to send, click the Run Campaign  button to send emails to all the recipients.  You may like to setup a test campaign first and add yourself to the OptIn Manager to see how your campaign will appear to the recipient before running the live campaign.

Allow the system some time to process and personalise all of the emails. These are sent out one at a time via your SMTP Server so the recipients receive a personalised email for themselves only.

Once the campaign has finished sending the pop-up send screen will show details of the campaign.  Email addresses included in the ‘Send Report To’ setting will receive these details along with a list of unsuccessful emails to recipients. Note this does not show those that send successfully but are not delivered for other reasons (such as incorrect email addresses).


Email Campaign Management

Email Campaign Management

Email Campaign – Clients & Contacts

Email Campaign – Clients & Contacts

Email Campaign – OptIn Manager

Email Campaign – OptIn Manager

 Email Campaign - Sending Complete

Email Campaign - Sending Complete

Email Campaign - Send Report

Email Campaign - Send Report


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