Software Support Services

Wanting to move to better software?

Is the hassle delaying your move?

Or maybe you're just setting up and want a hand?

We've put together some services to help you make that move today and get on with your business. It can be time consuming for business owners, bookkeepers or accountants to make the move to better or more suitable software packages, and let's face it - usually as boring as paint drying!

Whether you need a full migration from old or unsuitable software to something more to your needs, or just help getting setup and running without delay - we have services to help you.

Software and Accounts Setup

If it's a new business it will need to consider a suitable chart of accounts for its reporting needs. Software will also need to be prepared for user permissions.

Service includes:

  • Consultation and Setup of Chart of Accounts
  • User Access Setup
  • Invoice Report Layout
  • Management Reports Template Setup (if used)
  • Budget Figures (if available)

Software Migration

Software migration is the move from one accounts package to another. There may be several reasons for it, and various ways in which it can be done. In the new software, the chart of accounts will be setup, customer and supplier data brought into it, and account balances brought in.

Service includes:

  • Chart of Accounts Setup
  • Customer and Suppliers Added
  • Account Balances Entered

Optionally account transaction data can be included for ease of viewing historic records.

Invoice and Report Layout

Most accounting software packages have a default invoice layout but you'll probably want to maintain your business image and include your logo, own text and style to it.

Management Accounts Setup

Our Financial Management Reporting System works well with any accounting software system. If you already use this Excel template, it can be prepared for you to run your management accounts monthly or quarterly.

Budget Integration

If the package you've chosen allows budget figures to be included, these can be added for you. Whether you've used our Budget and Projection System, or something else to prepare them,we'll get these into the software for instant comparisons and inclusion in reports.

Service Rates

Below are the software support service rates.

Software Support Service
New Company Setup
£90.00 per company

Software Migration Service*
£180.00 per company

Invoice and Report Layout
£15.00 for one
(£10 each for 2 or more)

Management Accounts Setup
£25.00 per company

Budget Integration
£25.00 per company

*Migration service doesn't include historical data and reconciliation of this which may be required.

Supported Software

Our team has experience in a wide variety of accountancy packages and can help with almost anything we have at our finger tips. We currently support setup and migration between the following accounting packages:

e-conomic online accountingE-conomic Online Accounting

e-conomic has been specially developed for small and medium-sized businesses and contains all the functions of a conventional accounting system - and a little more.

An attractive partner offer for bookkeeping and accounting practices makes this an even harder one to miss out on.

Microsoft Office Accounting

A new package introduce by Microsoft, with versions available for free this may be your software choice. Microsoft Office Accounting Express or Professional can be setup for your needs.

Sage 50 Accounts (versions 11 to 2008)

Still a popular choice amongst accountants.

Various Online Packages

With experience in a variety of packages, online access will enable your software of choice to be setup for you.


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