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By Stuart Ayling on 26 June 2013

Do you ask prospective clients to go too far?

Must your new clients take a “leap of faith” when they engage you?

Or, do you gradually draw them closer using a series of pre-planned contacts designed to address their concerns and build their trust in you.

Too many service providers, including Accountants, wait for potential clients to take that leap of faith. And in doing so, they force their would-be clients into making an all-or-nothing choice.

Prospects either say, “Yes, we want you” or they never contact you.

This is a high-risk strategy for both your prospect and yourself. It is risky for your prospect because they could feel as though they have to make a decision before they feel comfortable about working with you. They haven’t got to know you yet. Do they have all the information they need? How do they know if they do?

It’s a risky position for you because...

By The Accountants Circle on 13 August 2012

Successful Business Similarities With Olympic AthletesIf you think about what makes a business successful, you'll find a lot of similarities to successful athletes.

By The Accountants Circle on 28 February 2011

Client Software OverkillSoftware can be an additional unnecessary expense for clients that often want to manage their own basic bookkeeping entries and little more.

By The Accountants Circle on 20 January 2011

Accountancy?Many times I've heard that accountants are boring and only do the backend postmortem for the financials of a company - well I never have agreed with this.

Are we boring? ...Naah!


By The Accountants Circle on Monday, January 18, 2010

USA FlagEvery since the concept of The Accountants Circle was born, it has been planned to provide the tools, templates and services to the USA.


Nearly 3 years after our UK launch we are excited in announcing we are now ready for the USA!

By H Nicholsons on 11 January 2010 16:00:00

We've needed to go through the basic principles of double-entry bookkeeping with our developers recently. We thought this may also be helpful to others, especially when words like Debit and Credit sound scary!

By gennyjones on 24/05/2009 05:59

This is a short article on how I used my accounting skiils to gain additional income through a project I am running called "The Great Money Diet", which is proven a sucess to those who have used it so far!

By H Nicholsons on 07 May 2009 08:23:48

I couldn't help but add a quick blog entry after being absolutely surprised... or should that be shocked and disturbed, by a weekly small business ideas newsletter just received titled "How to Create Money..."

By theaccountantscoach on 13/04/2009 09:27

Procrastination: How soon 'not now' becomes 'never' (Martin Luther)

By Mike Smith on 27/03/2009 13:08

As a Marketer I’ve had many conversations about the most effective forms of lead generation. And to be honest most accountants I speak to have lead generation pretty high up the list of topics during our initial conversation. However Practice development is not all about constantly generating new leads.

By gennyjones on 12/03/2009 03:51

Verdict and conclusion on a very interesting bookkeeping case!

By gennyjones on 27/02/2009 19:56

I have put together this story to illustrate the various situations that I have come accross as a bookkeeper.

By theaccountantscoach on 27/02/2009 12:28

The 'have done' list'? No it's not a typo, I do really mean a 'have done' list.  Forget 'to do' lists, they've been done to death (Just google 'to do' list now and you'll see what I mean. Yep that really was 440 million results).  A 'have done' list is simply a list of all your daily achievements, big or small, high value or worthless, they all go on you 'have done' list

By theaccountantscoach on 20/02/2009 18:00

A long day gets longer. Interruptions. Phone calls. Endless emails! Your 9 pm dinner date is looking as remote and as jolly as Scott’s Last Camp - and suddenly they’ve called an unscheduled team meeting!

So, what could help on such a day?


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