Accountant and Business Blogs - Made Easy

Creating your blog with The Accountants Circle really can't be much easier.


Below are step by step instructions on how you can have your blog setup in minutes. You can also see a full screenshot of our recommended settings above.

First, after having logged into The Accountants Circle with your Business Membership login, go to News & Blogs -> Accountant Blogs.

At the top of this page you will see the text, 'Create My Blog', unless you have already created your blog. Clicking on this will take you into the single page instant setup.

Here you will be able to give your blog a name, and brief description.  The name can be anything but we recommend you use your name, your practice name, topic coverage, or a combination such as 'Harry's Titbits'.

We recommend the above settings are chosen for your blog.

Syndication allows people to subscribe to your blog. Enabling this means people can follow your blog without needing to visit the website. Syndicate Independantly allows for separate subscriptions if you have child blogs (a form of 'sub-blog').

Choose the most appriate settings for you. It is likely the default ones will be suitable.

Child blogs allow you to have sub-blog topics under your main blog.  You should only add these once you have your main blog maintained well and need these for organisation of numerous blog entries.

Click 'Update' and your blog has been created!

Now you have created a blog for yourself, you are ready to add a blog entry.

Simply clicking on 'Add Blog Entry' will open up the single page blog entry screen.


You can view the full blog entry screen above.


Here you can start your blog (and save it to complete at a later time). Choose an appropriate title for your blog. This is something that should be short and give a quick idea of your blog content to the reader.

If you have child (sub) blogs, you should also choose the appropriate blog this entry should fall under.


A summary is completely optional. If you leave this blank, an automatic summary will be created from the start of your blog content.


Entering your blog content is much like using a word processor. To highlight points or ease viewing you can use bold, italic, or underlining and other typical formatting options.

You can also add links, to other website references and to your own website. At the top you will see the link button. Select the text you want to link, and click the link button.



A window will pop-up for you to enable your link. Enter the link address in the URL box, and then select the 'Target' tab. Here you must select 'New Window' so clicking the link opens in a new window and doesn't pull the reader away from your blog. Once that is done simply click 'OK'.


If you are not yet ready to publish your blog for public viewing you can save it by unchecking the 'Published' checkbox. To open it for editing at any time, simply return to your own blog section.

To change the default enabling or disabling of user comments you can also adjust it here. We do recommend having comments enabled for interaction, relationship building, feedback and display of openness... but there may be times you make an announcement and do not want people to respond.

If you would like to place a copyright notice at the bottom, you can click the checkbox.

Once your blog is ready, simply click 'Update' and it is posted!

Blogging with Windows Live Writer is very easy, allowing you to save drafts, add images or even video to your blogs.

The very first step is to Create Your Blog. Once you've done that, you will need to download and install Windows Live Writer.  This is available for free from -

The first time you run Windows Live Writer, you will see a Welcome screen.


From here, choose the second option, I already have a weblog set up and select next. Following this are just a couple of settings that need to be made to have Windows Live Writer working with your online Blog.

If you don't see this screen, select Add Weblog Account from the Weblog dropdown menu.


After selecting either of these, you will then be presented with the first of three quick setup screens.


Our blogging system uses Another weblog service, so choose the third option and select next.


For the first set of details, you just need to enter The Accountants Circle website,, along with your usual member login information.  If the computer you've installed Windows Live Writer on is not completely secure, you should deselect Save my password before choosing next.


The final settings to enter are used to establish the type of communication with our blogging system.  Set the Type of weblog that you are using to Metaweblog API from the dropdown box.  The Remote posting URL for your weblog is to be set as Once these are both set choose next.


After processing the settings, Windows Live writer will ask you to allow it to create a temporary post. This will retrieve all the style settings for the blog, to provide you with a WYSIWYG interface. Choose Yes to allow this and continue.


The final step to setting up your blog in Windows Live Writer is to give it a name to save as your account. Once you select Finish you are ready to create and publish a Blog entry from Windows Live Writer.


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