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Is what you offer of value to accountants and bookkeepers?

Got an offer they just can't say no to?

Save your advertising and pass those savings on in an offer!

If this is you, promote your products or services to our members with an attractive partner offer!

Join now as a Service Provider and make an offer to our members! Accepted offers will be included in an online Partner Offer Listing, and may also be included in recommendations we make. Details of accepted offers will also be shown in your profile.


Offer Criteria

Offers can be divided into 2 main types:

  • for basic (non-paying) members; and
  • for paying members

Offers need to meet the following criteria to be considered for listing:

  • Basic members must be offered at least what is otherwise publically offered to others;
  • Paying members should be offered at least 50% greater benefit than basic members;
  • All offer conditions must be clearly outlined;
  • Withdrawal of offer requires a minimum of 30 days written notice.

Submitting an offer is not an indication of whether it will be accepted. Offers may be accepted as submitted, discussed further, or rejected.

The Accountants Circle reserves the right to reject any proposals, or delist any proposals that had previously been accepted without reason.



There may be several ways members can accept your offer such as:

  • Offer/Discount coupon to use on your website;
  • Form completion with details forward to you via email;
  • Direct access to your website and offer from within our website (using iFrame);
  • Include within our own e-commerce system (ie. PayPal, Bank Transfer);
  • Buy Now button (eg. PayPal); or
  • Affiliate link to website with cashback provided to members.

The method/s possible will depend on your product or service and the logistical and technical aspects. Please include any ways you feel our members could accept your offer.

If you're unsure, leave this blank and we can discuss this in further detail with you.


File Upload

Feel free to attach any additional information files for either your business or the offer you would like to make.

If you do have more than 1 file, please compress these into a single zip file before uploading.

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