26 April 2018

With HMRC being more active than ever and having more and more ways to look into your clients affairs it is more important than ever before that you take steps to protect your income.

A Taxwise Policy from Solar will enable you to fully defend your clients tax position and fully recover your fees.


About Solar Taxwise

Whether HMRC open a formal full or aspect enquiry  or request a compliance visit or communicate with you in any way regarding you clients affairs a Solar Taxwise policy will enable you to fully recover your fees. Here at Solar we recognise the importance of providing the right scheme for your practice. We take the time to understand your requirements and help you decide what is the best way forward for you.

Simply complete our simple online quote request here and we will generate your bespoke quote. This will be forwarded with comprehensive guidance on how to best implement a scheme into your practice.

Can I cover all my clients?
Yes you can. we can offer very favourable terms to ensure all your clients are covered and give you the best level of protection.

Can I select the clients I want covered?
Yes you may want you clients to decide whether they want to participate.

Are my fees fully recoverable?
Yes, all fees to defend an enquiry or dispute robustly will be met, subject to a maximum hourly rate agreed at inception.

Is the policy free from excess?
Yes, no claim or element of a claim is subject to and an excess.

I am not FSA Authorised, can I still have a scheme?
Yes, our schemes are set up so that you are the insured party and your clients receive cover under your policy. This is the approved method of the FSA and Accountancy Bodies.

Will you help me promote the scheme?
Yes, we have marketing literature and template letters to assist in the marketing of your scheme.

Can I fix the rate I charge my clients?
Yes, you are providing a service and like all services you provide you have control over the pricing, this is how you set your own profit margin.

Special Offer for Members

Solar Taxwise have many years experience of arranging bespoke Fee Protection schemes for accountants big and small. By obtaining your scheme through The Accountants Circle preferential rates are available.

A Solar Taxwise scheme in your practice will give you peace of mind knowing that your fees to defend your clients from HMRC enquiry are fully recoverable, the pressure to compromise your billing is lifted and both you and your client can defend a tax position robustly.

A Solar Taxwise scheme offers more than just protection though! Useful advice lines are available to you and your clients

So what do you get as a member?

Our basic members receive a 5% discount on their premium whilst our full business members receive a 10% discount.

Get a quote today and see how protecting your clients can benefit you both!

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