26 April 2018

Need a professional service, not a head-strong bull?

A team experienced with the professional services industry?

The Accountants Circle has partnered with the highly reputable Express Group in London to provide professional credit control and debt collection services for you and your clients.

The Express Group have been successfully collecting outstanding commercial debts worldwide since the 1960’s, and rely on highly professional methods to collect outstanding debts.

Debt Collection
The Express Group has a proven track record of very successful collections of a wide variety of outstanding debts. Their extremely professional methods are aimed at achieving positive results.

Outsourced Credit Control
Clients are wanting to concentrate on their core business. You concentrate on your products and services, the Express Group successfully collect your invoices. Watch cash flow dramatically improve by utilising their credit control services.

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To request a high-priority no-pressure call back from a member of the Express Group Team you just need to log in or register first.

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About the Express Group

The Express Group has evolved from the 1960’s to what it is today. In an industry that doesn’t always enjoy the best of press, The Express Group’s reputation is built on two major factors:

  • Extremely Ethical; and
  • Highly Professional

This has resulted in them being very successful in what they do – Collecting Outstanding Invoices from a wide variety of industry sectors. They have proved time and again that their polite but professional and persuasive methods are far more successful than resorting to threatening tactics.

The founder of the Express Group is also highly respected in the industry. John Woodworth is an author of a book on the industry and is a much sought after public speaker. He is fanatical about the quality of service the whole company offers.

Every client is allocated a Senior Account Manager (with at least 5 years experience) whose role is to fully manage and support all aspects of the working relationship. Unlike many companies in their field, they don’t resort to highly dubious “Signing-on fees" or "Administrative Fees".

There are NO hidden costs! Far from it! They actually encourage you to “Try them first” and let their performance prove their skills. Their No Collect/No Charge Fee basis proves this.


"I can now write to say that the cheque sent to me recently in settlement of that large outstanding school fee account, which had been of particular concern to me for about a year, has been cleared by the bank.

This satisfactory outcome must be a tribute to The Express Group’s patient and persuasive dialogue with the parent over the course of many weeks."

A G Wynn
School Bursar
Eton College

  "We have been using the The Express Group to collect outstanding fees since 2004.

In our business, client relationships and reputation are extremely important. We have found that The Express Group’s extremely professional approach has been very successful in collecting overdue accounts without ever affecting the relationship with our clients."

Neil Haynes BSc(Hons) ACA
Head of Finance
Watts Group PLC


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