26 April 2018

Liddell Dunbar have trained hundreds of Accountants to become effective at winning new clients and projects

Their experience with accountancy practices can be passed on to you with a great partner offer!


About Liddell Dunbar

Liddell Dunbar was formed in 1994 by two partners, Margaret Liddell and Terry Dunbar, and without giving long protracted CV’s for both of us, suffice it to say that we'd been operational in the sales arena for many years, selling financial solutions in one form or another to FD’s and boards of directors, managing and training sales teams, being Sales and Marketing Directors.

Liddell Dunbar is a results focussed training company, it's important to them that when supplying training or consultancy they actually produce measurable results.

Why is that important to you?

Well the answer to that question is twofold...

Firstly, from a commercial perspective, if the only output from the training is that people have a good time and come away with a few nuggets of information and the odd ”war story”, then frankly, they wouldn’t expect to have a repeat client base, and as you know, it's very costly to keep developing new clients.

Secondly, the main reason Margaret and Terry set up Liddell Dunbar is because they were (and still are) passionate about what they do, which is helping individuals and firms improve their sales and marketing performance!

The next thing you need to know about is their experience and why it is relevant to you.

They only work with accountants and tax advisors, that’s all they do! It's their specialist area and they’ve been doing it for the last fifteen years! During that time they've:

  • Trained hundreds of individuals to become comfortable and successful with their sales and marketing efforts
  • Designed and implemented loads of really successful marketing initiatives for firms of accountants and tax specialists
  • Developed a real understanding of your market place and it’s various challenges
  • Helped many practices, and service lines within practices, develop a genuine sales culture, and build their business out of all recognition!

So, just to recap...

They know your market, they know how to help you improve your sales performance, they actually want to help you improve your sales and marketing performance, and apart from all that, they are "all round jolly good eggs!"

Creating a business development culture within your firm is vital if you are to grow your business. We are committed to helping accountancy practices do exactly that!

We are committed to helping accountancy practices build a business development culture, creating an environment where the whole team are outward facing, focussed on adding value to your clients and prospective clients.

We do this by showing you how to develop your business by helping the client’s business, not by selling them something they don’t need or want.

So what do you get as a member?

Our members get a 15% discount on Liddell Dunbar's training services...

plus apart from efficient, cost effective marketing, more client wins, increased client satisfaction, increased profitability through cross selling and increased fee generation, a more motivated, focussed and confident team, improved client facing skills and a generally all round market facing culture within your business, not much really!

Liddell Dunbar have spent the last fifteen years showing firms that business development is NOT hard selling in any way! The strategies they propose are logical, ethical and with total integrity.

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