26 April 2018

Arf & Associates Ltd is a telemarketing company that provides a different level of service to its customers. This level of service and the experience with accountancy practices and lead generation has led us to giving you another great offer!

So how is ARF different?

Ian Bird created Arf & Associates Ltd with over 15 years experience of telemarketing and telesales. Telebusiness is his business and Ian manages all test campaigns personally.

As a company, they have a wealth of experience in dealing with various levels of decision-makers within many industry sectors. This has led to many organisations and practices achieving growth with ARF through appointment making or direct selling.


As an organisation you'll be looking for a prospective telemarketing company that can undertake the work successfully; provide quality communication, and whom you can trust.

Arf & Associates Ltd recognises the need to prove itself as a company before embarking on any longer term relationships, therefore first undertaking a starter test campaign. This is beneficial in that it allows both you and ARF to ascertain the potential ‘fit’ of the organisations. It also allows ARF to prove their credibility!


Arf & Associates Ltd provides excellent value for money. A fair price is paid in the knowledge that your campaign is being undertaken by experienced staff with the ability to communicate to all levels.

Price usually depends on the nature of the campaigns themselves. However, all accountancy test campaigns are charged at a fixed rate.

This initial campaign is usually £100 per appointment, with 10 appointments made and spread over a 4 week period. These rates are excluding VAT but do include all call charges.

From ARF's experience, there is on average a 30 % conversion rate of these into clients so ARF expects you to gain 3 new clients from this campaign.

All campaigns are different and countless reams of information could be produced to entice you to utilise the expertise of Arf & Associates Ltd but like most things the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

They're confident that, like any good business, once you have worked with them you will be back for more!

So what do you get as a member?

ARF Telemarketing offers all of our members a 10% discount on their services, so this starter appointment setting campaign will only be £90 per appointment.

Our full business members will enjoy a 20% discount on the services, so just £80 per appointment with the appointment setting campaign!

Take Advantage Today!

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ARF provides services including:

  • Appointment/lead generation for sales-force
  • Telesales
  • Conference and seminar support
  • Test Campaigns
  • Market Research
  • List Cleaning
  • Questionnaires

They're also flexible and approachable if other services are required.

ARF provide a quality service that you can trust: put this together with competitive rates and you have the perfect formula for achieving full value for money – and successful campaigns!

Current accountancy clients include Hudson Conway Accountants, Lloydbottoms and David Lacey & Co. They've been involved in appointment making campaigns for clients ranging from Deloitte & Touche to Telewest Communications; telesales campaigns for VFM Tours Ltd; and questionnaires for PA Consulting.



“We are extremely happy with the quality of appointments and the level of service that Arf provide us - they are now an integral part of our marketing strategy. We used several telemarketing companies prior to finding Arf and they outperformed all the others on all levels. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any accountancy practice looking to grow their practice via telemarketing appointment setting.”

David Gayther
Hudson Conway Accountants





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