23 May 2018

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Plus software deals with the whole raft of compliance, including inbuilt electronic ID checks if required.

This software eases the task of complying with anti money laundering (AML) regulations!


About Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Plus

The anti money laundering (AML) regulations require senior management to take an active role in ensuring compliance with the regulations and, indeed, failure to comply is a criminal offence. The firm and its senior management could be prosecuted for non-compliance, with the maximum penalty being two years in jail, an unlimited fine or both.

BHIS Ltd Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Plus is compliance software developed by BHIS Ltd to be simple to use, cost effective, and provide a complete solution to anti-money laundering compliance.

It's a fully automated system that allows you to record all the AML data for all your clients plus it deals with all other aspects of AML compliance. It guides you through the process of compliance, highlighting which areas are non-compliant/require action.

Features of Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Plus

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Plus software enables you to perform all aspects of compliance recording and monitoring. It makes it quick and simple for you to ensure your firm complies with the AML regulations. Furthermore, it provides a very cost effective solution for you to do so.

It's a fully automated system that is far more than a series of checklists and includes:

Compliance Panel
  • The software provides expert help, hand-holding and "wizards" within the software as to what is required to achieve compliance
  • Includes built-in Electronic ID checks at reasonable cost
  • Uses a very clear approach to identifying compliance or non-compliance with green ticks, amber bulbs or red crosses, so you can see immediately where work is still required.

AMLCPlus covers all aspects of compliance recording and monitoring including:

  • Details of all clients
  • Know Your Customer information
  • Risk Assessment
  • Recording of associated persons of all clients together with supporting ID checks
  • Firm’s Policies & Procedures
  • Staff training
  • Staff confirmations of money laundering awareness
  • Recording suspicions and reporting to the MLRO
  • Detailed help files
  • Built-in facility to download and search the regulations and key guidance notes
  • Built-in facility to download and search the latest HM Treasury’s Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets in the UK
  • Automatically identifies non-compliant areas and highlights the actions required in order to prevent non-compliance
  • Scans and saves supporting documents within the software or attaches existing supporting documents
  • Full integration with PC Share Register Plus, company secretarial software and also Sage Cosec software
  • Inbuilt free Companies House check of company data
  • Easy import of client records from other software via generic CSV files from other software packages

Take a look at the short videos on the website that will give you further insight into the way it works.

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