26 April 2018

WinWeb is a complete set of online tools with the small business in mind.

WinWeb were the first online accounting software to be accredited by the ICAEW in 2005 and worked with the institute to produce the specifications for online accounts software.

This level of service and the experience with accountancy practices and lead generation has led us to giving you another great offer!

WinWeb has developed OnlineOffice ‐ The Small Business Infrastructure ‐ addressing the following issues and defining goals for the future:

Keeping It Focused

Helping business owners run their business and not waste time with unnecessary admin tasks that can be outsourced cost-effectively.

Foster Co-Operation

Building business and outsourcing networks and helping our clients to find reliable advisors and business associates.

Integrate Business Advice

Facilitate real-time, multi-location co-working of business owners, advisors and co-workers on up-to-date data to enhance the entrepreneurial decision making process.

Reduce Business Mortality

Using extensive micro-business knowledge to help with support and advice 24 hours every day, without fail.

More Than Software.

Making IT transparent, updates just happen in the background and delivering sensible business services at the lowest cost possible, with as little fuss as possible.

Business Continuity

Leveraging extensive hosting, telecom and ISP experience to provide clients with a secure data infrastructure for world-wide access.

Bootstrapping All The Way

Keeping cost low, reducing overheads to a sensible minimum, maximizing productivity and profitability to create stable businesses.

Make IT Transparent

Provide sensible software solutions via the SaaS model for the target market ‐ 1 to 10 people businesses. No IT knowledge needed. No artificially accelerated product cycles.

Removing Red-Tape

Using software development to generate automatic and/or less burdensome compliance with existing and often unnecessary red-tape.

Planning The Future

Sensible business planning and education with 24 hour support to assist with the entrepreneurs individual goals. Tools to be used before the business is started, to increase success rate.

There are many products within the WinWeb OnlineOffice suite. Bundles or individual online applications can be used. Some of these include:

WinWeb InvoicingSoftware

Easy online invoicing and payment tracking.

· Invoice customers
· Quote customers
· Sent Invoice Reporting
· Automated recurring invoices
· Customer Payment Reporting
· Including AddressBook

WinWeb BookkeepingSoftware

Bookkeeping simplified, no accounting knowledge needed.

· Easy Bookkeeping Software
· Extensive Reporting
· Income/Outgoings Analysis Tool
· VAT Return Tool
· WinWeb SSL Security
· Including Invoicing
· Including AddressBook

WinWeb AccountingSoftware

UK’s first online accounting software accredited by ICAEW.

· Full Tri-ledger Accounting
· Sales & Tax Return Tool
· Detailed Accounts Analysis
· Fully Multi-Currency
· WinWeb SSL Security
· Including InvoicingSoftware
· Including AddressBook

WinWeb BusinessPlanning

Success low cost planning for business startups.

· Fully Integrated add-on to AccountingSoftware
· SWOT Analysis
· Business Goal Planning
· Cash-flow Planning

These are the main components of the WinWeb Accounting and Financial applications. These can be integrated with other OnlineOffice suite applications including:

  • Business Email
  • Email Marketing
  • CRMProjects
  • OnlineDisk
  • OnlineOffice
  • and more!

Together these applications provide you with a great portfolio of value adding tools to offer your clients. Take advantage of the WinWeb partner offer and become a reseller or local partner today!


Accountants and bookkeepers in practice work with WinWeb as local Partners, as a natural extension to business. As well as providing an additional revenue stream based on results, as a local Partner you can develop a reseller network in your area, allowing you to create an additional income source.

So what do you get as a member?

Our members in practice get:

  • FREE unlimited access for accountants to utilise AccountingSoftware when used by clients
  • 20% commission (ongoing) for applications and services clients take
  • Introduce other resellers and receive 20% of commission they receive

Business members can also receive:

  • Direct entry into the Local Partner Program
  • Free Local Partner training
  • 30% commission (ongoing)
  • Waiver of the £99 per month Local Partner charge, a saving of over £1000 per annum

Offer your clients a great suite of online tools, adding value to the service you provide!

Take Advantage Today!

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WinWeb have produced some short videos to help give you a better idea just what this powerful software is capable of.

Collaborate Online


WinWeb Invoicing Software - An Overview


WinWeb Bookkeeping Software Overview


WinWeb Accounting Software Overview


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