The Accountants Circle have partnered with e-conomic, an impressive Internet-based and innovative accounting system seizing the opportunities available via the Internet for flexible, user-friendly and individual solutions.

Online Accounting

Online accounting enables accountants to work with clients in a system that doesn’t require the purchase of expensive software that’s often hard to use, requires regular backups and leads to expensive upgrades.

We have chosen to partner with e-conomic, an advanced online accounting system that’s been in existence since 2001 and is already used by thousands of accountants who service small-to-medium sized companies.  Unlike some online systems, e-conomic focuses equally on the needs of accountant and client, enabling you to provide clients with a complete, simple-to-use system, that’s under your control.

Many of the advanced features of e-conomic (direct integration to Excel, approvals process for client-generated entries, OCR scanning of invoices, automated workflows, report designer) are provided specifically to create labour-savings for the accountant. i.e. The focus is on helping the accountant to work more profitably, not just giving companies a high quality, low cost accounting system that they will be delighted with.

e-conomic meets the needs of all kinds of client, regardless of size or industry. More information about e-conomic is available here.

Special Accountants Circle Offer

With most other accounting software, not only is the client charged for the software but their accountant is also hit with charges for software, support and partnership programmes/club fees. e-conomic makes no charge whatsoever for accounting practices who use e-conomic. The business model is based on a simple subscription-per-client, which you can instruct e-conomic to invoice to the client directly if preferred. The e-conomic solution means you can access impressive, easy to use software with no extra overheads and only a very reasonable monthly charge for each client.

All our members in practice can also obtain a free subscription to e-conomic for their own accounts. This offer includes the Project Accounting add-on module, enabling you to record time, expenses and mileage by client and generate invoices automatically.

Service and Business Members receive various extras, including a 30% discount on client subscriptions and reduced rate subscriptions for bureau use.

e-conomic knows how to look after you. Not only is access for you and your outsourced service providers free of charge, you have unlimited access to e-conomic's support via hotline and email.

Click the Special Partner Offer tab above to see what’s on offer via The Accountants Circle.

Support Services for e-conomic

Click the Support Services tab above to view the support services that The Accountants Circle provides to accountants using e-conomic. We can help you get up to speed quickly by setting up new clients and dealing with data migration. We also provide a number of outsourced data processing services that are delivered in the e-conomic system, enabling you to focus more of your time on delivering high value advice and consultancy to your clients.

Special Partner Offer

e-conomic doesn’t require a big commitment, nor are there any start-up fees. All accounting/bookkeeping practices receive a free-for-life online Administrator Module, giving unlimited real time access to clients’ accounts and all the controls needed to ensure their accounts stay in good shape.

Adding to what is already a great solution, The Accountants Circle has agreed the following special deals with e-conomic for our Members:

  • Receive your own free subscription for maintaining your own books, including a free subscription to the Project Accounting add-on module, enabling you to record hours, mileage and expenses against clients for automatic invoicing;
  • Use e-conomic on a bureau basis (internal use only) for £7.75/mth per client or less (depending on volumes), with no limits on your usage or the size of each client’s accounts; and
  • Service and business members also receive a 30% discount on all client subscriptions.  The subscription fee for Small companies is as low as £9.45.

* Discount does not apply to clients who are to be invoiced by e-conomic directly – these clients will always be charged the standard price as per the e-conomic website.  The discount and free subscription for own use are guaranteed for the first 12 months and will be extended indefinitely for as long as you have at least 5 clients subscribing to e-conomic. Both e-conomic and The Accountants Circle will support you in getting up to speed with e-conomic and building your e-conomic client base.

Additional benefits

e-conomic will also provide the following for each Member:

  • Co-branding – have your own logo displayed to your clients when they are logged on;
  • Direct log in – enable your clients to log into the system from your own web site;
  • Client marketing – your practice details will be displayed on e-conomic’s web site, and in the system itself, to companies who are searching for an accountant;
  • Free log ons for your colleagues and control over which clients they have access to; and
  • Only 4 invoices per year! All of your clients will be invoiced to you once per quarter on a single invoice.

How to sign up

Click the Sign Up tab above and complete the quick form to register your interest in taking up the special partner offer.


Software Support Services

To help you get that little bit of extra value from using e-conomic, or to get it working more profitably for you, we have put together some useful services for you.

Setup and Migration

When you find e-conomic as a solution for your clients - we can assist with your setup or the migration from other software.

Setup is already quite easy within e-conomic, but if you're not already familiar or simply don't want to spend time on the setup, then we can provide you with a complete setup service.

Software migration is usually thought of as a painful experience, or at best a nuisance.  Many will hold off on moving to more suitable software due to this. To provide you with a smooth migration to e-conomic we offer a software migration service from your existing software.  Your software move can be easy and convenient for you.

Let us know what you're setup or migration needs are, and we'll provide you a cost-effective fixed price proposal.

Template Preparation

Do you use our Excel template - the Financial Management Reporting System?

Once the accounts are setup in e-conomic, we can also arrange the setup of this template for your client management accounts - giving you a system to produce professional management accounts in minutes.

Ask us for more information on this service.

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