The Accountants Circle has been formed to provide Accountants with a practical online resource. This has been established to give Accountants access to highly developed tools, assisting in both providing a higher and more efficient level of service to clients, and in minimising the cost of providing these services.

With an emphasis on Community, we build and develop The Accountants Circle to meet growing and changing needs of the members. We promote communication between members and ourselves in the forums to better understand how we should continue to increase our real and practical benefit.

Our Philosophy

The Accountants Circle provides its members with a suite of tools and templates which are being continually expanded and improved to meet the changing needs of its members. This will mean that members are free to have their employees concentrate on the delivery of their core business rather than being distracted by the development and maintenance of in-house products.

Member firms will share in the benefits of lower costs arising from the centralised development and maintenance of professionally designed systems and templates.

Our success depends completely on the success of our members. Our highest priority is to meet the needs of our members. We look to provide a wide range of tools, resources, products and services in the most affordable and effective manner possible.

We work towards understanding our member needs from our own base of experience as accountants and by listening and communicating with our members. Our first step in this is via online forums, where open discussion will give us a broad view of what would be of value to members. The second step is from our direct experience working closely with members in providing our outsourced services.

To be as valuable as possible to our members, we aim to minimise costs without sacrificing the quality. In order to do this we must ourselves operate in a most efficient manner, minimising our own costs where possible through use of technology and automation to be able to pass on these savings whilst delivering at or above the standard expected.

Who We Are

The Accountants Circle OfficeWe're a professional team, with a variety of experience we draw on to provide you with practical solutions to everyday needs.

The Accountants Circle consists of members that are mostly in the accounting industry, such as bookkeepers and accountants. Behind the scenes, it's a team of dedicated professional individuals with backgrounds in accounting, programming, business, administration, marketing and advertising.

You'll find we're committed to developing tools, resources, products and services for you. It is our motivation and driving force to continually understand the changing needs of accountants. This is so we can see you operate in the most efficient and effective ways possible.


Our Key Team Members

These are our key team members that you are likely to come across as a member of The Accountants Circle. Although we have a slightly larger team in support, these are the glue holding together The Accountants Circle.



John Gesch
Development/Management Services

John is a QBE accountant, having worked within practices and BPOs in both Poland and Germany for more than 10 years.  A keen Excel user, John takes on most Excel development tasks requested by our members. He maintains a good grasp on the needs of UK practices also by managing our outsourced services of management accounts, budgeting, and projections.



Mukul Ranjan
Business Development

Mukul holds engineering degree in IT and MBA in Finance with experience as database and system administrator in banking and finance.  He also has experience in business development and as a freelance financial analyst. Mukul is responsible for business development and assisting with identifying needs and implementing solutions required by accountants and bookkeepers.



Anna Smykowska
Outsourced Services

Anna holds a Bachelor of Accounting from the University of Poznań, Poland.  She also has 2 years practice experience within the UK, and over  2 more years providing outsourced services from Poland. Anna has worked with UK clients in the telecommunication, electrical, construction, renovation & interiors, joinery and business service industries. Anna is currently studying AAT in the UK to further familiarise herself with accountancy in the UK.

Anna is responsible for ensuring internal quality control and the delegation of outsourced work to be performed. 


Sławek Niedbalski
Office Management

Sławek is fully qualified, also with an Accounting degree from the University of Poznań and holding a practice certificate. Not only does Sławek manage the day to day running of our office whilst studying English, but he is a partner of an accounting practice with several offices across the Wielkopolska region of Poland.


Radek Kida
Web Development Services

Our webmaster, Radek, is rather talented looking after our website and graphic needs from the ground up, as well as our IT and server requirements.  After a year gaining UK experience whilst studying English in Northern Ireland, Radek returned to his home to join The Accountants Circle.


What We Do

We believe by operating on a membership basis, branding and licensing our tools to members you will get much much more.

As a member, you'll have us developing and providing support for our tools continually, and membership contributions help us do that for the greater benefit of all our members!

The Accountants Circle can effectively become a part of your team. We work with you, based on your needs and feedback to further develop these practical tools and services to assist with meeting their daily needs.

Most of our tools are Excel based templates and will assist you with the everyday bookkeeping and accounting work for SME clients. The Accountants Circle forums contain discussions about these tools which helps us with the further development of these to meet the your changing needs.

Our members know they will not only get the benefit of today's tools, but the benefit of many tools to come.

We also offer a range of wholesale accountancy related services to members such as payroll, bookkeeping and management accounts. Being an offshore service in Poland, you can use these services at extremely competitive rates


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